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Everything started with a mother as it naturally does. Antonela Roccuzzo and Andrea Lo Menzo are the first cousins and grandchildren of their maternal grandmother who always made exclusive clothes for the children of the family with her sewing machine. They grew up watching her turning pieces of fabric into gorgeous clothing fascinatedly and it inspired them to venture into fashion. They both chose to study fashion design after finishing high school with a dream of creating their own brand one day. A few years had passed while Andrea kept doing textile designs and Antonela decided to go live in Spain.

The family took a trip to Rosario in 2014 which reunited the cousins Antonela and Andrea who both newly became mothers. This reunion brought a mutual problem to light which was the lack of children clothing in the local market with style, comfort and excellent quality that any mother would want for their children. So an old idea rekindled and they settled on doing it by themselves. That was the beginning of Enfans, a brand that would provide elaborate, disruptive street wear designs with lots of color and comfort just as fit for a child. They were up for the challenge to build a startup and put great effort to make it work.

Even though the complications that the distance caused, they achieved to develop a system where they figured out to use their different locations strategically to their advantage. Since Antonela was in Europe, she was able to follow the latest fashion trends first hand and adapt them to daily use while Andrea was overseeing production and commercial development in Argentina. After an intense year full of work, the first spring-summer collection with 40 garments was out and it was marketed in some multi-brand stores in the country. With the customers absolutely loving the collection, the demand was increasing locally. The swift growth of the brand created the need to expand the team with people who have remarkable professional experience and skills. At this point, Luis Reyt who is an industrial engineer with an extensive career in the management of multinational companies and is also Andrea and Antonela’s family came into action to be a part of Familia Pulgar SA which is the Argentine company behind Enfans. Luis renewed the image of the brand using his professional background and with the intact family business values Enfans entered a new stage of expansion and productive development.

In 2017, the team started to concentrate on the future and how they would like the brand to be perceived by the customers from then on. They began working on a renewed proposal using new marketing strategies which included coming up with a more extensive collection with redefined design that would result in the improvement of the online sales channel and overall of the brand since it would attract new suppliers, influencers and influential people who have impetus in social networks both in Argentina and Europe. The new season was out nationwide through its online store for retail clients in the wholesale channel in October, 2017. The SS18 season received an amazing amount of love and the sales were going sky high. It really motivated the team to make the FW18 collection which was already in the works even better. Antonela married the soccer star Lionel Messi in Rosario simultaneously with the coming out of the collection. The marriage turning the press around the world to them and their lives made Enfans increasingly visible in the eyes of the national and international public.

While the brand was growing so was the family with newborns. Antonela’s older sister Paula Roccuzzo joined the management team of the company after finding interest in children’s fashion with the arrival of her first child. Paula collaborates in marketing apart from the design and benchmark process. Antonela and Andrea had a dream which they were determined enough to turn it into reality. Now, they have a whole team behind an amazingly successful brand which has a well-positioned online store that offers the best shopping experience and an excellent customer service which sets an example with its fast and effective responses to the most demanding requirements along with more than 80 stores in Argentina with a continuous growth. Enfans is getting prepared to launch its products to the international market and ready to leave its mark. Stay tuned!